Abstract Puzzles

Each jigsaw is designed and developed entirely in the browser. Above are some random outputs generated on the fly just for you – crack open the explorer for finer control of the parameters.

Moving away from harsh grids, this design creates a soft look by layering blurred spots. The four randomly-generated colours overlap to make a dreamy gradiated palette across the design.

It uses a similar cut algorithm to 040 - the centres of each puzzle piece are lightly distorted, making areas of giant pieces and areas of small pieces, but with mostly uniform shapes.

I've shied away from making gradient-esque puzzles (the closest I came was probably in 019) because I think they present such a minor challenge compared to the complex strategies of puzzles where you have texture and orientation and shapes to guide a solve. Gradient puzzles are all about sorting each piece by its general colour rather than anything exciting about the design of each piece, but for this I quite enjoyed the linearity of completing the puzzle, there weren't any gotchas. I think there was still enough intrigue in the colour matching and looking for matching edges that it didn't feel boring, it was just a very calming jigsaw.